USAFO 2023-24 Open Series

November Open

High School Public Forum

Champions: Prisha Yelamanchili & Nehal Trivedi - Potomac YT

Finalists: Kallen Zhou & Amarie Moffett - Oak Grove ZM

Speaker Awards

Top Speaker: Kallen Zhou - Oak Grove ZM

2nd Speaker: Michelle Xie - Oak Grove DX

3rd Speaker: Christine Zhong - Potomac CZ

Middle School Public Forum

Champions: Kaylynn Yuan & Rebecca LiPotomac LY

Finalists: Rainger Yu & Kathy Feng - Potomac YF

Speaker Awards

Top Speaker: Kaylynn Yuan - Potomac LY

2nd Speaker: Rebecca Li - Potomac LY

3rd Speaker: Ethan Chen - Potomac AC

October Open

Congratulations to all teams and speakers who placed at the October Open! Here are the official results:

Public Forum Open

Champions: Kallen Zhou & Amarie Moffett - Oak Grove ZM

Finalists: James Luo & Emi Maeda - Potomac LM

Speaker Awards

Top Speaker: Kallen Zhou - Oak Grove ZM

2nd Speaker: Emi Maeda - Potomac LM

3rd Speaker: Sarvesh Sabarinath - Potomac PS

4th Speaker: Amarie Moffett - Oak Grove ZM

5th Speaker: Calvin Jiang - Raven Independent JY

Lincoln-Douglas Open

Champion: Anoushka Srivastava - Golden State AS

Finalist: Charles Guo - Golden State CG

Speaker Awards

Top Speaker: Akhil Jalagam - Golden State AJ

2nd Speaker: Anoushka Srivastava - Golden State AS

3rd Speaker: Charles Guo - Golden State CG

September Open

Congratulations on all teams and speakers who placed at the USA Forensics Olympiad's season opening tournament! Here are the official results:

Public Forum Open

Champions: Sparsha Shashidhar & Vivaan Parhar - Golden State SP

Finalists: Kash Patel & Saharsh Maram - Golden State MP

Speaker Awards

Top Speaker: Sparsha ShashidharGolden State SP

2nd Speaker: Daksh Shivank - Golden State SS

3rd Speaker: Vivaan Parhar - Golden State SP