Will McNairy

My name is Will, and I've debated for about two and a half years! I have an insurmountable love for the activity, and my passion has only grown in recent years. I've won and placed in several local and national tournaments and also serve as leadership for the Myers Park High School debate program. My hobbies include going on walks, exploring nature, and photography. I also plan to major in Political Science in college to pursue a law degree!


    IOF Appearances :

    • 2024, Team USA

    Lifetime Medals :Β 

    • 1 x Gold πŸ…

      Olympiad Tournament Record

      🌎 International Olympiad in Forensics, 2024

      πŸ† Champion, Public Forum Debate

      πŸ… Gold Medalist

      πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈΒ US Championships, 2024

      πŸ† Champion, Public Forum Debate (Open Division)