Upward Battles Speech and Debate (UBSD) embarks on a transformative journey from local to national levels, initiated by state and regional tournaments.


What? Fall and winter: 1 state, 1 regional, 1 national championship tournament each

Events? Middle School & High School Public Forum

Who? Teams of two (school entries only), encompassing divisions for different ages and skill levels

Where? Online via NSDA Campus

When? Specific weekends

Topics? Each tournament features the latest NSDA Topic relevant to the timeframe (e.g., Sep - Oct: September NSDA PF Topic, Nov-Dec: November NSDA PF Topic, and so on).


State Tournaments: $50 top team, $30 finalists

Regional Tournaments: $100 top team, $50 finalists

National Championship Tournaments: $200 top team, $100 finalists

Tournament Schedule

Fall Season

UBSD September/October: state tournaments

UBSD November: regional tournaments

UBSD December: national championship

    Winter Season

    UBSD January/February: state tournaments

    UBSD March: regional tournaments

    UBSD April: national championship

    UBSD offers a pathway for school-based debaters to excel intellectually, showcase talents, and earn recognition.