Anirudh Puvvada

My name is Anirudh Puvvada and I'm second year debater for Potomac.  I am based out of Central Texas and am in 9th grade. My main event is Public Forum as I love to debate and speak with other debaters on the on the spot.  I got into debate by seeing some of my older friends who had participated in it and instantly got hooked. Since then,  I have reached finals and championed at some huge national tournaments.  In addition to debate,  I love to play sports and do other competitive competitions such as DECA/HOSA.


    IOF Appearances :

    • 2024, Team USA

    Lifetime Medals : 

    • 1 x Gold 🏅

      Olympiad Tournament Record

      🌎 International Olympiad in Forensics, 2024

      Runner-Up, Public Forum Debate

      🏅 Gold Medalist

      ⭐ Top Speaker

      🇺🇸 US Championships, 2024

      🏆 Champion, Public Forum Debate (Open Division)